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Nostalgix TCG - Day Zero (Kickstarter) - Booster Box

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Each Day Zero Booster Box contains 36 individually wrapped, ten-card packs featuring four different pack arts. All cards contained with feature the Day Zero stamp indicating that they are from the Kickstarter. The Day Zero stamp will not be printed on cards post-Kickstarter.

- This is the limited Kickstarter Day Zero Edition!

Nostalgix TCG is the culmination of decades of trading card game experience and passion from a talented group of artists that grew up playing the same games as you. 

By blending our favorite mechanics from the long, rich history of TCG's and introducing several more unique to Nostalgix, we have created a game that feels familiar yet fresh, and looks amazing. In our debut 185 card Base Set, a worldwide event has trapped anyone or anything that falls asleep in a shared lucid world populated by characters who feel familiar.

Join Heroes like Vix of the Six and Doctor Corvus and clash Fighters like the powerful Booster Box Dragon, Avengaline and Gametron against each other to reclaim 10 portal counters, return these characters to their rightful homes and restore the multiverse!